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Got an Interview with the Coles eCommerce team?

Tips on what to expect and how to prepare by Alisa Belova, TA Partner (eCommerce)

Congratulations – you’ve landed yourself an interview with the eCommerce team at Coles and we can’t wait to meet you! Interviews can be nerve-racking but being well prepared will help you have an informed and enjoyable discussion with the team about the role and your background.

This will not only increase your chances of being successful in the process but also help you evaluate the position and understand whether it’s the right role for you and your career – after all, this is your opportunity to interview us as well!

So what can you do to prepare for your interview and what type of questions can you expect from us?

1.) Do your research on Coles and the eCommerce industry

    • Read our company updates and think about how it can relate to your future role
    • Have you read anything interesting about Coles or the eCommerce industry in the news?
    • Or have you shopped online with us or one of our competitors and have any observations relating to the role?

What do you think are some of the customer challenges or opportunities we are tackling at Coles and what would be your approach?

2.) Think about your motivations and interest in the position and Coles eCommerce

    • How is this opportunity aligned to your long-term career goals?
    • What is it that made you apply for the role?
    • What excites you about the opportunity to work at Coles?

3.) Read the Position Description

    • Think about your skills and experiences that specifically relate to the role and be prepared to talk about practical examples of related work in your previous career
    • What are the transferable skills that you can bring and leverage in the role?

We spoke with hiring manager Chris Jack – Group Design Manager at Coles – about the things that impressed him most about a recent successful candidate. He said:

“That individual had the ability to link what they were talking about with all the key aspects I was looking for in that person for this role. They were able to articulate areas they could improve and actions on how they would like to improve them. The talked about how/when they struggled with certain aspects and how that has helped them develop a particular trait or skill. They were also able to match their work with the customer and company’s key metrics for delivery.”

4.) Demonstrate your skills and experiences using the STAR technique. 

Come prepared with tangible examples of your work or situations you have faced related specifically to the position you’re are interviewing for.

For example: Tell us about a time where you led a cross functional team to implement a solution to an online customer problem.

    • Situation – Outline the real situation or task you faced, thinking about situations where you demonstrated your skills relevant to the position
    • Task – describe the task or goal you set out to achieve
    • Action – what were the actions and steps you needed to take to achieve a great outcome? Who did you collaborate with and how did you work together?
    • Result – and what results did it lead to? Were you happy with the outcome? If not, what learnings do you have? What would you do differently if you had to do it again?

Chris also notes the aspects that differentiate a great candidate from a good one.

“A great candidate to me has the ability to articulate their process, connect what they did to the outcome/goals and talk through things they learnt or would do differently. They can talk about their experience in detail and match it to the key areas of the role they are looking at applying for.

I always look for great “soft skills” as a way of looking for great amongst good because I believe these are the core skills that help most working at Coles. We can look at developing and refining “hard skills” to be able to do your best work here with our continuous feedback and growth opportunities as part of the team.”

5.) Ask us questions!

    • Think about questions that are important to you – what do you need to find out to make an informed decision?
    • Is this position aligned with your career aspirations?
    • Are you curious about further progression, learning and development, or perhaps flexibility?

Make sure you ask the questions you need to and leave no blind spots when making a decision – after all, we’re here to help you make sure your next big move is the right one.

And finally, enjoy it! It’s a really exciting time to be joining the eCommerce team at Coles and we’d love to learn more about what you could bring to the team and tell you about what the future of digital looks like here.

We look forward to meeting you.

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