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Analytics & Optimisation

What we do

Analytics and Optimisation sits at the forefront of our digital transformation and shapes the shopping experiences we create. Here we focus our attentions on understanding the behaviours of the millions of Australians who shop with us through testing and analysing what works best for them and how we can build that insight into our online experiences.

Stefan is young with olive skin, he is bald and has a short well groomed beard. He’s wearing glasses and has a black coloured jacket and a dark green shirt on.

Life as a team member

We caught up with Digital Optimisation Specialist, Stefan Rodricks, to talk about how he has embraced the change that comes with digital transformation.

Stefan Rodricks, Digital Optimisation Specialist

I spend a lot of time with the Product Managers of the digital experience, and work with them to understand the end state experience we want to give our customers. My job is to figure out how we can help them deliver the best possible eCommerce experience via a ‘test and learn’ approach. So rather than just assuming a customer is going to like an experience, we understand the core problem the experience is trying to solve, generate a hypothesis to solve it, build a proof of concept, and validate it with customers in real time on the live site. By constantly validating our strategies with Coles Online customers, we can be confident that at launch stage we’re going to be successful in delivering an experience that isn’t just viable, but also loveable. It means there’s always a lot of exploration around what could be an amazing customer experience, and that’s exciting because it means there’s a lot of experimentation to done.

The team’s amazing. There’s a great sense of humour. Everyone loves working with each other. But it also feels like we’re at the start of something. We’re building something. There’s something about that feeling of hustle that I really enjoy. There’s a lot of, ‘Let’s go back to basics. Let’s figure out who we are. Let’s figure out our voices. And let’s learn how to scale this thing the most efficient way possible, and let’s have fun in the process.’ The one thing I was worried about when I joined was I might lose that sense of connectivity to the bigger picture. But it doesn’t feel like that at all. Everyone is super-tight. There’s no hierarchy. Everyone can reach out to anyone for help.

Different teams at Coles feed into our purpose in different ways. I think for us one of the major focal points is accessibility. Whatever we facilitate on site – whether it’s a bit of copy change, a new call to action, a new dropdown menu, whatever – it must be accessible for everyone. We spend a lot of time exploring what is the most accessible version of the experiences we build. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t work in a test experience, it won’t work in real-life. Sometimes it’s easy to underestimate the role we play in our purpose in helping Australians lead healthier, happier lives. When you think about it, if customers are shopping online because the experience is intuitive and accessible, then that gives them time back in their day. Hopefully they’ll use that to do something that makes them happier and healthier.

“The team’s amazing. There’s a great sense of humour. Everyone loves working with each other. But it also feels like we’re at the start of something. We’re building something. There’s something about that feeling of hustle that I really enjoy.”

– Stefan Rodricks, Digital Optimisation Specialist

Our Recruitment Process

We appreciate that making an application can be stressful so we've worked hard to make the process as easy as we can.
Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Step one:

Apply for a role by submitting your resume and personal details and answering a few easy eligibility questions.

Step 2

Step two:

If it looks like you could be good fit for the role, one of our Talent Acquisition team members will set up a time for a call to discuss the position and your suitability further.

Step 3

Step three:

At the 1st stage interview you’ll get the chance to meet the team and learn more about life at Coles. At the same time, we’ll look to understand more about you, your experience, and relevant skillsets.

Step 4

Step four:

Depending on the role, you may be required to complete an assessment task. One of the Talent Acquisition team will outline this process for you.

Step 5

Step five:

Additional interviews give you further opportunities to get to know the leaders or key stakeholders you would be working with, and ask any final questions you have about the position, the team and the organisation.

Step 6

Step six:

Once you have been identified as the preferred candidate and receive a verbal offer, you will be required to complete pre-employment checks. These include, working rights, criminal history, and employment verification.

Step 7

Step seven:

Welcome to Coles! Having signed your contract, you’ll go through onboarding and your line manager will be in touch with you before you start to discuss arrangements for your first day.

Grow with us

Our eCommerce operation is growing quickly through significant investment. As more and more of our customers make the switch to omni-channel shopping, we’re making sure we’ve got the right team members in place to keep on providing the best possible experience – anytime, anywhere, anyhow. If a role in digital and design isn’t quite what you’re looking for, why not see where else a career with us could take you?

Design and Digital Experience

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In this growing team you’ll find plenty of moments to make your mark. By supporting our agile teams in the delivery of unified experiences and applying your own relentless customer focus to everything you do, you’ll carve out pathways to ambitious destinations across the entire digital product delivery lifecycle.

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If you’re the kind of person who’s passionate about creating web and app experiences that will be seen and used by millions, we’ve got the perfect role for you. Defining and building our digital products, you’ll not only transform the lives of our customers across Australia; you’ll play an integral part in transforming the way we do business too.

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