Sheena is holding a marker and demonstrating on the writable wall her ideas to Ben, Stephanie and Stefan.


What we do

Here we manage our digital services, capabilities, and experiences from start to end, finding new ways to create seamless, continuous shopping experiences across every touchpoint on any device. Basically, we bring a customer obsessed approach to every stage of the journey. And with increasing customer numbers and increasing offerings it’s a great time to be joining us.

Sheena is a middle-aged woman with tan skin, long medium black hair and has pink lipstick on. She’s wearing a navy blazer with a black shirt.

Life as a team member

To get more insight into life in the Delivery team, we caught up with Delivery Manager, Sheena Saigal.

Sheena Saigal, Delivery Manager

Interestingly, I don’t come from an eCommerce or digital background. I’ve worked in hospitality, in accounting, and my husband and I used to run a café together. I’d look after the customer retention and relationship management side of the business. That kind of experience and desire to understand and improve the customer experience has really leant itself to working here as we’re going through this customer obsessed digital transformation. My role on paper is to manage complex commercial and strategic initiatives and ensure that our portfolio continues to move forward at a good pace, driving sustainable business outcomes. But how I like to describe my role is as someone who carves those pathways to sometimes ambitious destinations by inspiring, influencing and enabling my team.

We’ve recently switched to new agile way of working. In the past we’ve all worked in places where something had to be 100% done before you could move on. Here it’s about progression. It’s about having a growth mindset and the ability to shift gears quickly. It’s changed the way we take things to market. Before we’d have to be 100% confident in a product before testing it. Now we test, learn, and improve as we go. It’s about constantly improving as we move forwards. The best part is it empowers the team to take risks within boundaries. When you do that, you come up with more innovative and creative ideas.

Beyond my day-to-day role there are two things that are important to me when I am looking for a role. Does the company give back to the community and what footprint am I leaving on the ecosystem? Coles offers me both. For example, during COVID we delivered many pallets of our products to Food Banks in NSW for people who were struggling. And then in the Delivery team itself, we have started to think of sustainable initiatives in terms of how we can make deliveries more eco-friendly. I don’t want to leave a footprint behind that my children, their children and future generations are going to have to suffer with. I’m proud to be part of a company that is thinking differently about what we can do in this space.

“We’re in a customer obsessed digital transformation. That was my biggest attraction to be a part of this team. Everything we do is customer centric. It has immense growth opportunities.”

– Sheena Saigal, Delivery Manager

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Our Recruitment Process

We appreciate that making an application can be stressful so we've worked hard to make the process as easy as we can.
Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Step one:

Apply for a role by submitting your resume and personal details and answering a few easy eligibility questions.

Step 2

Step two:

If it looks like you could be good fit for the role, one of our Talent Acquisition team members will set up a time for a call to discuss the position and your suitability further.

Step 3

Step three:

At the 1st stage interview you’ll get the chance to meet the team and learn more about life at Coles. At the same time, we’ll look to understand more about you, your experience, and relevant skillsets.

Step 4

Step four:

Depending on the role, you may be required to complete an assessment task. One of the Talent Acquisition team will outline this process for you.

Step 5

Step five:

Additional interviews give you further opportunities to get to know the leaders or key stakeholders you would be working with, and ask any final questions you have about the position, the team and the organisation.

Step 6

Step six:

Once you have been identified as the preferred candidate and receive a verbal offer, you will be required to complete pre-employment checks. These include, working rights, criminal history, and employment verification.

Step 7

Step seven:

Welcome to Coles! Having signed your contract, you’ll go through onboarding and your line manager will be in touch with you before you start to discuss arrangements for your first day.

Grow with us

Our eCommerce operation is growing quickly through significant investment. As more and more of our customers make the switch to omni-channel shopping, we’re making sure we’ve got the right team members in place to keep on providing the best possible experience – anytime, anywhere, anyhow. If a role in digital and design isn’t quite what you’re looking for, why not see where else a career with us could take you?

Design and Digital Experience

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Analytics and Optimisation

In this team, you’ll see how understanding our customers’ purchasing patterns and changes in behaviour, as well as using insight from their feedback helps us to adapt how, when and where we engage with them. Working with huge data sets, it’s all about finding more ways to make sure our enhanced digital experiences keep getting better and better – and knowing everything there is to know about the shopping habits of the millions of Australians who use them.

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If you’re the kind of person who’s passionate about creating web and app experiences that will be seen and used by millions, we’ve got the perfect role for you. Defining and building our digital products, you’ll not only transform the lives of our customers across Australia; you’ll play an integral part in transforming the way we do business too.

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Our app and web platforms are used by millions of Australians each week. So we’re looking for the best and brightest software engineers across the country to make sure they’re the best they can be. If you want to join a team that builds and optimises features, and likes to think differently about how we do digital, this is your chance to see your work make a real-world impact.

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