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Working with us

Who we are

We don’t believe a big organisation should have to feel big. We believe that by creating supportive, agile, and inclusive environments for everyone, it can feel open, accessible, and inventive. And the big benefits you might expect from an organisation of our size can actually be made better. Here, you won’t find a corporate culture. You’ll find a flexible approach to flexible working, learning and development opportunities for everyone, and team members who reflect the diversity of communities we serve. You’ll find Coles a place where you can belong.

Our Values and Behaviours

Our values and behaviours are at the core of who we are. We like to think of them as our guiding principles. Or foundations. They help us to develop our team members, make better and more ethical business decisions, and create a culture that puts our people first. With our values and behaviours, we inspire more real connections and memorable moments for our team members, our customers and their communities. And it’s that which makes us different.

Our Values

Customer Obsession

Passion and pace


Health and happiness

Our LEaD behaviours

Look ahead

Energise everyone

Deliver with pride

Putting accessibility first

Working in new and agile ways means we’re able to respond to real-time customer needs without ever losing sight of our longer-term ambitions. At all times, and across every product and project, we’ve done what we always do: prioritised digital accessibility to create the connected experiences everyone needs.

Here’s a little more on how we’re thinking accessibility first:

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Delivering accessible experiences

  • Accessibility included end-to-end
  • Ongoing accessibility audits on key Coles digital assets to ensure compliance with WCAG
  • Usability testing with People with Disability (PwD)
  • Including PwD in customer research on all digital projects

Building awareness

  • GAAD launch & learn – interactive session to engage wider business and get them thinking about a11y
  • Accessibility training – empowering employees to take ownership of accessibility in their role
  • Digital Accessibility showcase on mental illness – lead innovation in a11y and reduce stigma

Driving win together strategy

  • Coles Accessibility Action Plan (AAP) – Workplace Adjustments project & Accessibility Policy to improve A&I index score

Developing strategic partnerships

  • Australian Network on Disability membership
  • Session with DeafBlind Victoria – partnering with a11y expert to deliver an educational session to enhance empathy
  • Vision Australia
  • Centre for Inclusive Design

Diversity and Inclusion

We know it’s not enough to just talk about our diversity and inclusion intentions. Actions speak louder than words, so we’ve worked hard to create a culture where every one of our team members can embrace what makes them different. And we’re not done yet. With our ‘A team that’s Better Together’ inclusion program, we’re empowering greater gender equity, accessibility, belonging and support for indigenous and LGBTQI+ communities. We’re building a workplace that reflects the diverse communities we serve. And we’re committing ourselves to initiatives that won’t just change the equality narrative but change the outcome for all of our team members, communities and suppliers.

Two Coles employees are laughing while chatting to each other. The young woman on the left has a disability.
Laura is sitting on the sofa working on her latpop

Learning and development

When you choose a career with Coles, we want you to connect with more moments. It doesn’t matter which role you start in, it’s all about where you want to go and how we can help you get there. With our eComm Camp, run by our leaders, we’ll give you all the insights you need to understand the part eCommerce plays at Coles and how our agile ways of working are transforming our company. With our learning hub and academies, we’ll help you discover hundreds of opportunities to sharpen your skills, set your goals and deepen your expertise. And with our internal secondments, we’ll help you map out a career path in eCommerce that unlocks your potential. We’re here to help you find the perfect Coles experience for you.

Rewards and benefits

What’s one of the best things about being a business of our size? The rewards and benefits we can offer. Here, you won’t just find a great place to work. You’ll discover discounts that’ll make your life easier and happier, a parental leave policy that supports working families with up to 12 weeks’ paid leave for primary carers and and two weeks of paid leave for secondary care givers, as well as flexible working options and access to our team member share plan. You’ll discover that we celebrate and recognise the big stuff, and the small. And that we never, ever run out of ways to say thank you to the many team members who make us Coles.

Find out more about our rewards and benefits here.

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A Coles employee is standing next to 2 Second Bite employees, and they are holding boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables and smiling at the camera.

Community and sustainability

Our ambition is to become Australia’s most sustainable supermarket. While we’re well on our way, there is still much to do and we are committed to maintaining momentum on our sustainability journey. Our Sustainability Strategy, under our focus areas of ‘Together to Zero’ and ‘Better Together’ , sets out our ambition to reduce our impact on the environment and recognises that when we work together we can make a real difference to our team members, our suppliers, our customers and to the communities in which we live and work.

Discover more about what we’re doing to make a difference here.

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